Xiamu: They purchase #ocenzurowane# 2K and they play with it

They purchase #ocenzurowane# 2K and they play with it

Lip 29 2020 o 09:06
Wow, you can also see #ocenzurowane# 2K completely loads but you're not permitted to skip the ad. This really is awful, but thanks. What will they do MT for sale 2K21 next gen when consoles have SSDs and we will have a couple of seconds loading times. Can they artificially hold you on the"loading / advertising" display till you've noticed an ad. Hey do this after timeouts. You have to wait until 5 minutes have passed on to get back to the action if someone calls a timeout in MyCareer. And that goddamn pushed voice line talking about the"benefits" of Gatorade. Yeah that's what water does for us.

Sports games are sleazier than many cellular games that are F2P. Product positioning, ads, paid loot boxes, +$60 yearly releases that reuse over 90% of articles from the game and it continues on. The playerbase for these games are almost all Stockholm syndromed into it also and will defend these match's practices to their own deathbeds. It's sad. The last part is more the typical console purchasing sports game player is just half braindead. Ton's of bro's out there purchase these game titles to play sports games. They don't care about any of this stuff.

Consider it from their perspective, though. They don't play games and they enjoy the sport. They have friends and they enjoy playing with a few matches. They purchase #ocenzurowane# 2K and they play with it. That they don't even notice the issues since they don't play games. There is a difference between hardcore gamer paying a lot for microtransactions and spending a great deal of money on games that are poor, along with a participant buying a lousy game and enjoying it without spending anything more. We should criticize and then the players who are currently throwing a lot of cash at these matches.

This is my take on it: If you are going to get long-term commitment to supporting #ocenzurowane# 2K - I get it, that costs money. You will find three (two in the way things are done nowadays ) primary possibilities for continued support that can be utilized:Advertisements, Micro Transactions, DLC (I'm speaking more what previously would be termed an expansion by the way, not here is yet another blinged out skin to your character customization choices ). The difficulty I have is targeted advertisment if you expect me to pay whole price for #ocenzurowane# 2K AND use micro trades AND afterward shard #ocenzurowane# 2K off together with DLC's with content.

This is something that Overwatch as #ocenzurowane# 2K got right - mostly (it's micro transaction version does have a couple problems - but since pretty well everything is earnable through drama time it's not a big issue). I get having product placements and such: But we actually need games to be matches. The option in addressing this, we as customers have can be loudly NOT get the item until it is fixed, and complain very loudly until it is fixed. It is like training a puppy kinda - we don't provide them treats if they are poor. If they behave and listen we give them treats. In the case of media firms etc.. Treats = money.

I mean if you are going to have a long term commitment to #ocenzurowane# 2K you don't launch a new version. This is not the Cheap #ocenzurowane# 2K21 MT type of game that will be supported for 5 years and requires extra revenue sources to Buy 2K21 MT allow them to continue in order supply updates. After 2K22 or whatever drops following year, it's doubtful the present version is going to have any employees staying working on it.

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